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A 'Simple' Skincare Experiment (& Review)

Hello there!

Today I am reviewing some items from the skincare line 'Simple' (hey, get my witty title?)
So, without further ado I'm going to start the review!

Actually, no, I think I'd better just mention that I have the dodgiest skin in history (FACT)
Mainly, it is the driest, most sensitive and unpredictable skin ever. I also have a lot skin allergies and eczema (I know gross)... Anyway, basically it means that I have my work cut out when finding skin products that work for my skin. So I have tried a LOT of products. BUT, if they work for me, my bet is they'll work for most people.  

So, No.1 item is: Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash

 Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash
Simple Moisturising Facial Wash, 
 £3.59, 150ml, here

Ok, so I've used this cleanser a couple of times, and yes it does clean my face, no it doesn't react with my skin, yes it does remove make-up effectively. But I haven't fallen in love with it. But to be fair, I'm not really a cleanser person. With my skin, it's clean face as quickly as possible and moisturise again.  But if you're looking for a reasonably priced facial wash, then I don't think this will do you wrong. 

I would recommend this cleanser for normal/combination skin (+sensitive). Not for oily/acne-prone skin - use something specialised (preferably containing salicylic acid.)

No.2 item is: Simple Kind To Skin Rich Moisturiser

Simple Kind To Skin Rich Moisturiser
 Simple Rich Moisturiser,  
£3.89, 125ml, here

As much as this moisturiser says that it is a 'rich' moisturiser - it is, but not rich enough for me. It's got a light texture, and couldn't possibly be described as a 'heavy' moisturiser. It absorbs really easily and doesn't leave you feeling greasy so it's a nice product to use. I wouldn't advise it for oily skin because it is oil based, but it has no fragrance making it good for sensitive skin. 

I would recommend this moisturiser for normal/combination skin (+sensitive skin) for daily use, especially if it is prone to drying out slightly. 

No.3 item is: Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover
Simple Eye Make-Up Remover, 
£3.39, 125ml  here

I LOVE THIS MAKE-UP REMOVER! I have thus far been left in agony by eye make-up removers to the point where I just didn't remove eye make-up (just wiped away the panda -eye in the morning) which I know is terrible for the skin. But no such problems with this. No eye-irritation, no make-up left on, doesn't dry out skin. AND it lasts forever, I've had this bottle since October. An all-round lovely daily eye make-up remover. 

I would recommend this make-up remover to anyone and everyone. There are no downsides to it. At All. BUY IT!

No.4 item is: Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream

Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream
Simple Derma, 125ml, £4.05 / $6.50, Amazon

(Ok, yes my pot looks worse for wear)
I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin, even as a just-in-case for the bad days. Or as an everyday thing. If you've got dry skin - you'll understand, you can never have too much moisture. Even if you just get dry skin in the winter - GET THIS MOISTURISER!!!! The only downside to this product is that I've only seen it in 50ml in the store (don't confuse with the lotion). The upside is that it is available from here and here and if you sign up for the Amazon Prime trial you can get it next day, YAY. So now there's no excuse. 

What I would say with Simple, is that it's always worth a try because you're not likely to be disappointed. And there are often offers and deals for these products in drugstores and supermarkets. And otherwise most of the products are under £5, so it's not too much of s stretch just to try a product out. Also, if you have different skin types, Simple do other ranges specialising in oily skin, anti-ageing and radiant skin, so there's something for everyone. 
I hope you've all been inspired to try something new. Have a great day!
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