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Spring Scent Shuffle-Up - What Fragrances to Wear for Spring? - Hollister, Escada Magnetism, D&G No.3 L'Imperatrice Reviews

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So today I'm talking about switching-up fragrances for Spring. Just like changing you're wardrobe from jumpers to dresses, and switching from lighter to darker in cosmetics, Spring and Summer bring with them different requirements for scents. Whereas the winter requires more musky, heavier scents, Spring is all about newness, freshness, lightness and that should reflect in your fragrance.

Think fruity, fresh, floral.

 Hollister, Escada Magnetism, D&G No.3 L'Imperatrice
These are my selected suggestions
for the Spring/Summer Shuffle.

Hollister Ryder PerfumeD&G No.3 L'Imperatrice Perfume

Left: Hollister Ryder (Review):  This is my favourite fragrance of my whole life (and I've been through a lot of fragrances). However, while I was researching for where you could purchase it, I found that it's been discontinued which is an absolute tragedy! It is the lightest, coolest, softest scent ever (think cucumber and maybe jasmine?) So, if you already have it, whip it out for Spring, and if you really really want it, it can be bought for extortionate prices on ebay and amazon. It does last forever though - I've had the bottle in the picture for nearly 3 years. 
£100-200 (yes it's ridiculous)

Right: Dolce & Gabbana No. 3 L'Imperatrice (Review): As you can see from the image, I use this as my everyday perfume most of the year. It's very fruity but there is a musky undertone, so that's why it works for most of the year. I was surprised when I was researching about this perfume that it contains watermelon and kiwi! But when you think about the smell you can detect these scents. They obviously explain the fruity overtones of this perfume... So yes, this is a great daytime perfume for the Spring/Summer. Only available in 100ml, ebay, amazon, boots. But again lasts forever. I have used this perfume every single day for 18 months (cumulative), so worth the price tag.

Escada Magnetism Perfume

 Escada Magnetism (Review): Although it is Spring/Summer (the weather suggests otherwise) and everything is supposed to be light and fresh, it still helps to have one heavier, maybe muskier scent for the evening/parties/colder days, and my choice would be this gem from Escada. I have always been complimented when I've worn this perfume. Need I say more? No, But I will. I think it smells reminiscent of candy floss, but nobody else seems to smell that.  It's sweet so you can almost taste it, but not sickly because it's musky - understand? It's got a more leafy smell than flowery (in a good way), making it more of an evening scent.

It lasts on you for ages, like the whole day/evening with only a few sprays, and even if you overspray it still seems to balance itself out really quickly, so it's not overpowering. 

50ml or 75ml bottle. Available at ebay, amazon. £30-£40

As you can see from my wishlist, I want the DKNY Be Delicious, which is also a fabulously fruity scent (think Golden Delicious Apples) and it is P.E.R.F.E.C.T for Spring (although maybe I'm slightly biased because I'm head-over-heels in love with it...?)
Available from ASDA for only £22. 

I understand that £30/£40 can be quite a lot of money just for a smell.. For some it isn't but for some it is. What I would say, is that for me these scents have been an investment that quite frankly has paid off. They have lasted me forever, and it's going to be a long time before I need to repurchase any of them. And if something as small as a fragrance can make you feel more confident then I think it's worth every penny. 

Maybe hint to your partner, or parent, or friend that you'd like a fragrance instead of an Easter Egg this year!

Hope that this post has inspired you to shuffle up your scents this Spring.

Ciao for now, G x 

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