Sunday, 5 May 2013

NOTW | Polka Dots | MUA Nail Polish - Strawberry Crush

Hello There!

So, I'm doing a NOTW post today. I'm a novice when it comes to nail design - I have neither the patience nor a steady enough hand to achieve a nice design. I've been looking round other blogs and admiring their creative designs, and even if they've got a really easy-to-follow tutorial, I've been too impatient at the moment to try them. So I've stuck with a basic design that I've tried and tested many times before. 

Polka Dots. From my blog background, you'll have guessed that I'm a fan of said polka dots and they're the simplest design to do. All you have to do is apply the pink nail polish as normal (2 coats) and then dot the white on top - simples!

MUA Nail Polish - Strawberry CrushMUA Nail Polish - Strawberry Crush

I recently bought an MUA nail polish and so I tried the colour 'Strawberry Crush'. The bottle is reminiscent of Essie nail polishes but they don't have the designer price tag at a crazy £1! 

MUA Nail Polish - Strawberry Crush

Apologies for my weird toes, but I thought I'd show you my co-ordination :)

I'll do a full review of MUA nail polishes later on, but for now I thought I'd leave you knowing what I'm sporting on my nails for this week!

Have you been experimenting with nail designs? 
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Ciao for now, G x


[DamaVerde] said...

Ahahah, your toes aren't weird! xD
I love the colour and the polka dots!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog :-)
I'm following you check my blog out :-)
I'm loving the nail art :-)
Very spring :-)
Leila xx

Anonymous said...

Aw, they're so cute <3

Robyn Joy xox

Chrissy Johansen said...

This is so cute! Sadly I'm rubbish with nail varnish - I may attempt it anyway though, its a really Summery look!

lovely blog by the way missy,
I'm having a MAC lipstick giveaway over at my blog -
if you fancy checking it out!

Toodles x

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