Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites | 2013 |

Hello There!

Wow! How have we got to the June favourites already???
I know I've been a bit MIA recently, but I've been travelling a bit and it was my birthday, and life in general just kind of got in the way. But I'm back now with a whole host of new posts to share with you. Anyway, back to the favourites!!!

So, as you can see I've been enjoying a range of different products this month, and nobody is more surprised than me that there's a lip product included! So, I guess I'll start with that. 

MUA Power Pout Colour Intense Tint & Balm:  So, if you've read a couple of my posts you'll notice that I'm really not a lip product girl. And so when I bought this a few months ago I tried it, saw that it was actually quite bright and have been frightened of it ever since. But then one day this month, just randomly I decided to put it on. And even though it is bright, I realised that the formula is perfect for me. I'll be reviewing in further detail soon!

Calvin Klein Brushes 1 & 2: So I was looking for some more eye brushes, in particular blending/shading brushes because I  only have tapered flat brushes which aren't ideal for crease colour. So I found these. And boy am I glad. I bought one of '2' to start off with, and found it amazing. It isn't the traditional blending brush shape so I was a bit disappointed when I got it. But the shape and size make nothing of its ability to shade and blend. So I bought another '2' and a '1' which is just a flat brush for packing on the colour. Very happy with these :)

Sleek Storm Palette: This is something that I bought in March and kind of started to regret buying. I was going through a phase of neutral colours on my eyes, and wished that I'd bought the neutral palette. And then last week it was my birthday, and I just felt like I wanted to do something different to mark the occasion. So I used the two purple/pink colours at the bottom of the palette. There was born my new favourite look. Purple makes green eyes stand out and my eyes have never looked brighter than when I've got these colours on!

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara:  I'm not very loyal when it comes to mascaras, but they are something that I become very passionate about very quickly. Kind of like one-month-stands :) So this is the mascara that I've been loving this month. It was actually the first product that I bought based on youtube recommendations. Ahhh memories... 

Boss Orange Woman (Fragrance) : I was gifted this perfume for my birthday and I have really been enjoying it of late. It's a subtle scent, not too overpowering, but it does last all day. I'd recommend going for a sniff in Boots!

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo - Permanent Taupe: I've really been enjoying these cream eyeshadows this month, especially this shade in particular. They're really creamy (obviously) and pigmented and are just the perfect bases for eyeshadows. I've even abandoned my eyeshadow primer because these are so much better. They don't last for 24 hours ( I use the Urban Decay Cream Shadows when I want that) but they do last a full day, so nothing to be sniffed at. I have quite a few of the colours but I've actually been enjoying this one the most even though it's quite dark, it's great for packing lighter colours onto and smoking out. Perfect for neutral eyes. 

What have you been loving for the past month? Let me know in a comment!

Ciao for now, G x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rimmel London Colour Rush Quad | 002 Smokey Brun

Hello There!

Today I'm talking about a little find from nowhere but Poundland! Yay! I love Poundland you can get some really great things from there :)

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you what a nifty little product this is...
It's the Rimmel London Colour Rush Quad in 002 Smokey Brun 

Rimmel London Colour Rush QuadRimmel London Colour Rush QuadRimmel London Colour Rush Quad

I really like little palettes (if you can call them that) like this. They're really handy to just chuck in your handbag for eyeshadow emergencies (they do happen!). And then it's really easy to just top up whatever make-up you're wearing because you can never go wrong with a bit of brown... 

They're pigmented shades with a kind of satiny finish - they're not too glittery so you can wear them everyday, but they're also great to dress up with :)

I styled the quad with the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe as a base and then used the colours on my lid getting darker as I got to the outer corner. The lightest colour is a really great highlight as well!

I would probably wear this look with liquid eyeliner for a bold look or use a push liner brush with the darkest shade to thicken the lash-line, but this shows you the gist. 
Here's the look I make with the quad:

Rimmel London Colour Rush Quad
Rimmel London Colour Rush Quad
Rimmel London Colour Rush Quad

And for literally only a pound there are zero complaints from me. This is a really practical little quad - great for travelling because it's a versatile - (you could do a natural eye or a smokey eye with it), the colours are pigmented and it's tres compact... I'll be looking out for more of the Rimmel London Colour Rush Quads next time I'm out. They're a welcome  addition to my handbag make-up!

Have you found any Pound shop bargains lately? Let me know in a comment!
Ciao for now, G x

Monday, 17 June 2013

NOTW - Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure

Hello There!

It's NOTW time again. I've just bought some striping tape so I could be more adventurous with my nail designs. But, I was feeling lazy and I haven't got a good black nail polish (I know, seriously) so I just left them as they were. It's a gorgeous colour, like a proper glittery shiny gold. I kind of feel like wonder woman because I wear a lot of red and blue :)

The thing that I really like about the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure range is the brushes. They're  super wide so you only need like 2 brushes to get a tidy application on the nail. Whereas with a normal brush it's way easier to mess up so they're perfect for sloppy people like me!

I also topped this with the Seche Vite top coat (review soon, I promise!)

Can you recommend a really good black top coat? 
Let me know in a comment!

Ciao for now, G x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Swatching It Up

Hello There!

I thought I'd just drop by and share a thought I've been having. Since I started my serious make-up quest in January I've been getting used to swatching make-up, something which I didn't have the patience for in the past. But I'm not sure what's happened to me over this past month. I'm just going to have to say it - I'm Grace and I'm a swatch-a-holic.

This kind of thing it regular for me. I know this doesn't seem thaaaaat bad, but it's everyday.   I always manage to do it, sometimes without noticing! And then I get the awkward conversations - 'Oh that's a big bruise'... 'Actually it's eyeshadow'. And then I get the kind of disgusted look - either I don't know where eyeshadow goes, or I don't wash enough.... 

But I enjoy it. I love spending time at the make-up counters leisurely finding the perfect shade of lipstick that I want, or the right kohl eyeliner. I guess that's the burden I have to bear now that I'm a make-up fanatic. 

Are you hands swimming with swatches? Do you suffer as I do?
Let me know in a comment - share the burden!

Ciao for now, G x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Collection 2000 | Lasting Perfection Concealer

Hello There!

Ok, so everyone and their mother's and their cats know about the Collection (2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer. I've seen this about a lot on youtube, and that was what made me purchase it in the first place. And so I know that everyone's probably sick of hearing about it.
If anything, it's just another great review to add to the others.

As you can see what's amazing about this is it's ability to get rid of redness. This picture speaks for itself really. It's easily blendable, something which I look for in make-up - and also versatile (for blemishes/reducing redness). So that means that it works well with contour powders and foundation. 

This is one of the few products that I swatched in the shop. Usually I just buy the lighest colour of everything and because I'm so pale it'll be the right colour or even slightly too dark. 
But for some reason, I decided to swatch it, and I wasn't the palest shade - *Shocker* SO just a word to the wise, swatch before you buy just in case (or just know that its darker than other products usually are).

Obviously it's Collection so it's super-affordable - absolutely bargainous at £4.19.
It's nice and compact and a tube - definitely a plus for me with concealer - you don't have to faff with putting your fingers/brush in a pot. 

It has a doe-foot applicator that you can use to place dots under your eyes for the baggies, and anywhere else for blemishes. It also has insane coverage - there are no signs of what's underneath when you've got this on. 

Have you been feeling the love for this product?  I swear everyone has this in their make-up kit!

Ciao for now, G x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

MaxFactor Mini Nail Polishes

Hello There!

So, I've been in a bit of a nail polish frenzy recently and have been trying out all different brands. Today's post is about the MaxFactor mini nail polishes.

MaxFactor Mini Nail Polishes

25 Bright Orange
42. Moon Dust
13. Deep Mauve
29. Mellow Yellow
23. Hot Pink

The cherry colour and the pink I've had for a while (they've even got a different name) but I think that the colours are still available in the shops
They're currently on offer at Superdrug for £2.99

My favourites are the orange and the pink. I literally wore the orange one so much that I had naturally orange nails. I had to give it a break to let my nails get back to normal (I did wear them for like 4 months straight). They're great quality but like most nail polishes take two coats. Except from the moon dust colour - that does take some time to build up so I generally use it as a top coat over a light colour. 

I really like these mini nail polishes. They're great for me to just throw in my bag if I'm looking to travel with a bright/statement colour with me. A nice little handag purchase.

Have you discovered any new nail polish brands recently? Let me know in a comment!

Ciao for now, G x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

FOTD - Out for Lunch

Hello There!

I feel like I've been neglecting you lately and only really posting the Motivational Mantras. So I decided to quickly snap and upload my 'Face Of The Day' when I was going out for lunch. 

Here it is:

 It's a pretty standard look for me, brown smokey eye and natural face and lips. I'm not really a lipstick girl and I'm fond of neutral tones, as you can see.

I've been hauling a lot lately but I haven't posted that many product reviews... This is purely because I only want to recommend products that I've really tried - used regularly and actually seen results. It would be so easy for me to post everyday about a product I've bought, but what's the point in that? - I'd have nothing to say. But I've been working through them and have found some truly amazing (and truly awful) products that I'll be telling you all about soon!

Ciao for now, G x

Friday, 7 June 2013

Fekkai Advanced Shampoo and Conditioner

Hello There!

I've recently discovered the Fekkai range and decided to give the shampoo and conditioner a try. They're full of olive oil and my hair has been in desperate need of nourishment. 

So, first impressions - the smell. Nothing special really. In fact if I'm honest they're kind of lacking. I much prefer a fruity fresh strong smelling shampoo and conditioner and these aren't like that at all. (They're not bad smelling just not that smells-so-good-I-could-eat-it smell). But I was focusing on the benefits to my hair rather than the smell. At first no change. I was kind of regretting buying them because there was nothing that special about them...oops

Fekkai Advanced Shampoo and ConditionerFekkai Advanced Shampoo and Conditioner

One month later, having persevered and deciding to use them up regardless. I was astonished when I washed my hair yesterday. It was like I'd completely changed hair. I had these luscious locks once more. My hair had become lifeless and kind of floppy even though I have it cut regularly and look after it. But it has a new lease of life. I have these bouncing ringlets that are soft and light and VOLUMINOUS.  I have no idea how it works, but this shampoo and conditioner definitely works for me and I would recommend it to anyone, who wants their hair to look brand new (if you get what I mean..?). 

The only thing I think I have to mention is that they're quite pricey. But if you're looking for super-gorgeous hair then I think the Fekkai range is a great place to look. I've bought 2 more of their products which I'm also loving - you just have to persevere and let them work their magic. 

Have you discovered any magical products recently? Let me know in a comment!

Ciao for now, G x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Motivational Mantra of the Month 1 | June 2013

Hello There!
Motivational Mantra time :)
Sorry its late this week, but its better late than never, eh?

I think this speaks for itself really. I'm a serial worrier, from the trivial to the serious. I can worry about anything, even things that could never happen. I like to keep this quote on my mirror to give myself a bit of perspective. It was only once I'd done my GCSE's that I could really understand that my worries weren't that important and to take life less seriously. I think its great to quickly do for a reality check. Most of my worries I can't remember and i find it helps me to let the stupid things go. 

Let me know if you like these motivational mantras, I hope that they're useful.

Ciao for now, G x

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

NOTW - Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit

Hello There!

I thought I'd share with you my latest nail adventure. I decided to go for a classic frenchy this week and was excited to try the Sally Hansen french manicure kit. You get three things in this kit - base coat, white tip pen and neutral top coat. 

The base coat dries quickly with a nice shine, so if you're not partial to adding extra coats (making the paint more likely to chip) then it's good enough quality to leave on its own. 
The only thing I can complain about with this kit is the white tip pen - something I don't think I'll be using often. The nail varnish just doesn't have the same thickness and it takes several coats to get a concentrated colour. But I will admit that the 'pen-like' quality of the pen makes the french line so so so much easier than with a brush. 

Overall I think this is a good kit. I knew that it was a safe bet because you can never go wrong with a bit of Sally Hansen when it comes to nail polish! I'm not a fan of the white tip pen but even just for the top coat and neutral colour I'm getting value for money, so I'm happy all round.  I also topped this look with Seche Vite top coat - I'll be reviewing soon :)

What have you been doing in the gorgeous summer weather? Let me know in a comment!

Ciao for now, G x

Monday, 3 June 2013

May Favourites

Hello There!

It's that time again - Favourites! I love doing this post because I can spread the joy about products that I've truly been enjoying for the past month. 
Here we go:

My first product is a foundation which I've been loving recently. It's the Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation. I've been loving this foundation simply because it does what it says on the bottle. It is literally like a second skin and you forget that you have any on. It's a really lightweight and creamy formula so it applies evenly. It is a light coverage though so conceal if necessary. I don't think it's the most durable foundation so don't wear it to a water park or anything and it doesn't have an SPF in it, so you should wear suncream under it, but other than that it's the perfect foundation for summer. Especially because skin tends to be better after catching a few rays. 

My second May favourite is the Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper hairspray. I haven't really tested the re-styling qualities that it claims to have, but the reason that this is my favourite this month is the smell. It is a totally un-hairspray smell, which I've really been loving. Long are the days that I am choking myself with the fumes from hairspray and no matter how much I (or my cousin) sprayed, we were never choking from the fumes. And for that reason alone this product has jumped to the top of my list of hair-sprays ! I'll be testing the re-styling qualities and will probably be making a post about them soon, but if you're looking for a un-chokey (I'm guessing that's not a word...) hairspray that does the job then this is a winner. 

My third May Favourite is the Dainty Doll Powder Blusher by Nicola Roberts in shade 004. So, this is a notorious dupe for NARS Orgasm and so for me this was a kind of -'try before you buy'. I know you can go and try this out in some stores, but a one off try in a store just isn't enough for me. I want to be sure that it will fit right in with my make-up collection and won't just be put in a drawer and forgotten, which happens a lot. So I've decided to be more careful with my purchases and make sure that they're right for me. I digress...  Anyway I really like this, it suits my skintone (paper white) perfectly, and I've used this everyday for this month and it still looks as though I haven't used it (I'm guessing it will last me a while...) So it's a YAY product for me!

My final May favourite has got to be the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser. So I pretty sure that everyone in the bloggosphere has heard of and probably tried Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, but I have never indulged my craving for it because I don;t want to splash out on a product that destroys my sensitive skin, which i have in the past. So I was looking for dupes online which I could try out ( I know it'll lbe a different formula but I wanted to try the muslin cloth on my face etc). Anyway, the long and short of it, is that I love it. I am super-impressed with it and use it everyday. You only need a pea-sized amount and it removes all traces of my make-up without making my skin red, or rashy, or blotchy. Lovely jubbly. What's especially lovely is that it's only £3 in the sale at Superdrug! I bought a spare for my cupboard :) I think I will progress onto the Liz Earle cleanse and polish but I think I'll wait until I've finished this first. 

What have you been enjoying for this month? Let me know in a comment, I love trying new products!

Ciao for now, G x
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