Monday, 3 June 2013

May Favourites

Hello There!

It's that time again - Favourites! I love doing this post because I can spread the joy about products that I've truly been enjoying for the past month. 
Here we go:

My first product is a foundation which I've been loving recently. It's the Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation. I've been loving this foundation simply because it does what it says on the bottle. It is literally like a second skin and you forget that you have any on. It's a really lightweight and creamy formula so it applies evenly. It is a light coverage though so conceal if necessary. I don't think it's the most durable foundation so don't wear it to a water park or anything and it doesn't have an SPF in it, so you should wear suncream under it, but other than that it's the perfect foundation for summer. Especially because skin tends to be better after catching a few rays. 

My second May favourite is the Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper hairspray. I haven't really tested the re-styling qualities that it claims to have, but the reason that this is my favourite this month is the smell. It is a totally un-hairspray smell, which I've really been loving. Long are the days that I am choking myself with the fumes from hairspray and no matter how much I (or my cousin) sprayed, we were never choking from the fumes. And for that reason alone this product has jumped to the top of my list of hair-sprays ! I'll be testing the re-styling qualities and will probably be making a post about them soon, but if you're looking for a un-chokey (I'm guessing that's not a word...) hairspray that does the job then this is a winner. 

My third May Favourite is the Dainty Doll Powder Blusher by Nicola Roberts in shade 004. So, this is a notorious dupe for NARS Orgasm and so for me this was a kind of -'try before you buy'. I know you can go and try this out in some stores, but a one off try in a store just isn't enough for me. I want to be sure that it will fit right in with my make-up collection and won't just be put in a drawer and forgotten, which happens a lot. So I've decided to be more careful with my purchases and make sure that they're right for me. I digress...  Anyway I really like this, it suits my skintone (paper white) perfectly, and I've used this everyday for this month and it still looks as though I haven't used it (I'm guessing it will last me a while...) So it's a YAY product for me!

My final May favourite has got to be the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser. So I pretty sure that everyone in the bloggosphere has heard of and probably tried Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, but I have never indulged my craving for it because I don;t want to splash out on a product that destroys my sensitive skin, which i have in the past. So I was looking for dupes online which I could try out ( I know it'll lbe a different formula but I wanted to try the muslin cloth on my face etc). Anyway, the long and short of it, is that I love it. I am super-impressed with it and use it everyday. You only need a pea-sized amount and it removes all traces of my make-up without making my skin red, or rashy, or blotchy. Lovely jubbly. What's especially lovely is that it's only £3 in the sale at Superdrug! I bought a spare for my cupboard :) I think I will progress onto the Liz Earle cleanse and polish but I think I'll wait until I've finished this first. 

What have you been enjoying for this month? Let me know in a comment, I love trying new products!

Ciao for now, G x

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Maybe Its Megan Leigh said...

The Superdrug hot cloth cleanser sounds fab! I also love my dainty doll blush in 003 perfect for summer days :)
Megan xx

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