Sunday, 15 December 2013

Primark Haul - December 2013

Hello There!

Wow, ok, so to anyone who does/did regularly read my blog, I apologise for the lack of posts in the last 4 months! (has it really been that long??) But I thought I'd return on a high with a primark haul.... 

Primark Haul December 2013

Obviously it's the run-up to Christmas, eek, so there's a few Christmassy based things thrown in here. My favourite things have to be the xmas tree gloves and the knee-high socks. They're really festive, snuggly and definitely are helping keep my christmas spirits high. The other accessory I picked up was  a thin belt with a bow fastener to spice up my xmas outfits. All these things are bargainous at under £3 each and are well worth picking up at your next trip to Primark. 

I'm also loving the knit/winter-wear in Primark at the moment. Especially all things burgundy, as you can probably tell from the photo. I'm enjoying the box shirts on the left and I bought the same shirt in burgundy and white because I liked it so much. They're really flattering and once again a bargain at only £6 each. 

The jumper on the right will also be great for the coming months because it can work for so many different occasions. The built-in collar makes it easy to dress-up, but the fact that it's a jumper makes it easy to wear casually. So I anticipate lots of wear from it this winter!

Finally, I just picked up some bits in the queue (which was insane by the way) but it's Christmas so I needed them anyway. The tartan slipper-sock things (not quite slipper-sock, not quite slipper, something inbetween if that makes sense) are probably my favourites from this haul. They make me feel like I have scottish feet - I know weird, but I like it. And they're also really comfy and stylish. Finally I also picked up some wrapping paper and present tags to help me prepare for the big day on the 25th (eek again!)

Let me know what you've picked up recently in a comment, 
I'm always looking to buy more :)

Happy Holidays, Grace x


Miss Holly said...

Hi Grace,

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Hi there babe, how isit going?
Lovely blog, great post darling, thanks for sharing this with us..
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