Hello There!

All of the reviews I make are my own opinions and are not influenced by anything or anyone. However, I will notify you if this ever isn't the case within the post. 

The majority of the time I buy products at a discounted price - either at a wholesalers, with vouchers, or on an offer etc... (which any other person could do). This does in no way affect my opinion of the product. If I didn't like it, I couldn't write a post about it. I can't write about some products that I like because there isn't enough to say for a post.  :)

Re: Links
I like to link to ebay.co.uk, amazon.co.uk and other sites to make your life easier. 
Although I do my best to verify the quality of the product and the seller, I cannot guarantee that they are 100% perfect all of the time, even though I have bought (from) them, or would in the future. I do my best, but buy at your own discretion.

Ciao for now, G x
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