Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Birthday Make-Up Look | Storm Palette

Hello There!
Today I'm talking about the look that I created for my birthday. I felt like doing something a little bit different - just to mark the occasion really. So, I looked to my Sleek Storm palette because I really don't give it enough attention. I know that red and green are complementary colours so I decided to use the pinky-purpley colours to make my eyes stand out (top right hand colours). You could add a brown to the outer V to make it smokier, but I liked it simple for an everyday look. 

The big surprise for me was that I used a BROWN mascara. I guess the biggest shock was that I actually liked it. I picked this up in brown by accident but there's not much I can do now that I have it, so I decided to use it. The brush is so-so, nothing special, but the brown mascara is really subtle. I think it has the same effect on my lashes as clear mascara does. Just gives them a little something, but not a massive statement. 

I used the black eyeshadow and a push liner brush to thicken my lash line because I want to keep the focus on my eyeshadow and I thought that eyeliner would be a bit much (I can never get small lines). So for me this was tonnes easier. I guess that a brown eyeliner would also be good, maybe an idea for next time. 

So this is the look. Everything else is natural because I'm not that comfortable with bold looks yet, but I'm going to branch out soon. 

Have you been experimenting with different looks recently? 
Let me know in a comment!

Ciao for now, G x

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Maybe Its Megan Leigh said...

I have this palette too! I love the pinky shades in it, fab look Hun.
Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

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