Monday, 25 March 2013

Les Lolitas Nail Polish Review

 Hello there!
So my post for the day is about a brand of nail polish called Les Lolitas.
I love this nail polish!

Les Lolitas Nail Polish by Cosmod, In Colours: Navy, Peach, Turquoise Tropic, Black, Bronze, Orange, Purple
Navy, Peach, Turquoise
Tropic, Black, Bronze, Orange, Purple

So I discovered this brand in October when I bought the colour 'navy'. 
And I was SO impressed. So impressed that I bought 8 more colours. I have never had so many compliments about a nail colour. 'It looks like an expensive nail polish.' It is so so so shiny and the colour lasts for-ever. I am the queen of chipping nail polish, and have tried all sorts of different brands trying to make a colour last more than 2 hours. If it can be chipped, I will chip it. But, as long as I let this dry fully (put on before bed) I can get a good 4/5 days of unchipped nail polish after 2 coats. And I have been just as impressed with all the subsequent pots I've bought.

Les Lolitas Nail Polish by Cosmod in Colours: Navy, Peach, Turquoise
Navy, Peach, Turquoise

These are my favourite colours so far. Obviously I love the navy, and have worn it several times. There seem to be two types of nail polish, glittery and glossy.
So the bronze and the turquoise are glittery, whereas the others are all glossy. 

Les Lolitas Nail Polish by Cosmod in Colours: Navy, Turquoise, Bronze
Navy, Turquoise, Bronze

So, where did I get this miracle nail polish from? What is the designer price tag?
Well, I hope to surprise you all. 

Ebay - £1.39

That is all. The seller is 'graciousonline16' (its not me) and I have always given them a 5-star review. 
The packages always arrive quickly and the nail polishes are bubble wrapped for safety. 
Now, I see people's faces when I say I bought something off ebay, but I want to stress how many amazing small businesses there are starting out on ebay, who just want to give great service. You just have to look out for them, and I'll do my best to show you them.

So, treat yourself to a new nail polish for Spring (or three)

Ciao for now x

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