Friday, 29 March 2013

March Minature Mayhem

Hello There!

There's Miniature Mayhem. 
Everywhere I go, everything I do, I feel bombarded by things in miniature. 
It's probably because everyone else on the entire planet is going on holiday this Easter. Ok, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but I think you'll understand my envy since I haven't been on holiday since I was 10. I can't physically remember a time when I was away from the UK, but I have covered most of England and Wales which I don't take for granted. Anyway, I digress. Back to miniature. 

So this is most of my collection of miniature. I do understand that it is slightly strange to have these given that I haven't been on holiday in forever. But I do travel a lot, and for some reason people keep buying me them. 

Hey - but who in the world doesn't like things in miniature, everything's cuter in mini....
Humans, Animals... and shampoo :)

Batiste & Sure

These are my handbag essentials. I always have both of these just in case. For some reason I feel like I have to justify myself for this - deodorant should explain itself, but the Batiste - yes I do wash my hair. I just think it's a must-have for people with fringes. For some reason, my fringe will look greasy 5 seconds after I've washed it, so I always have a bottle with me just in case. 

The Body Shop - Mini Body Butters

I really like The Body Shop, and I find these travel-size pots really handy. I like to have one in my handbag, and switch between the different flavours. They are included in most giftsets from The Body Shop and I've collected quite a few. Here are my favourite flavours because they have really distinct smells that last a long time. They are specialised for skin types, (coconut for dry skin), but I haven't really seen the difference, so just choose my pots by smell instead!

So yes, everything is cuter in miniature, but it's also more of a rip-off. Lets face it, the reasons you buy things in smaller sizes are either because you're restricted by space (or liquid allowance) or just because they're cute. And shops know this. 

So if you want to save money from buying miniature (apart from aerosols), I'll be posting soon about what you can do to save money on travelling with skincare and cosmetics. 

Have you been bombarded by the miniature mayhem?

Ciao for now, G x

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