Thursday, 28 March 2013

What Can You Buy On Ebay? Ebay Spree... Part 1: Earrings

Hello There, 

So, today is all about Ebay, YAY. 

Basically, I've been transitioning my jewellery collection to a more 'mature' me, I guess. Well basically moving from frog earrings to pearls is the gist of it. So I can actually wear them. And while I've been doing this, I decided to check out ebay, to see if there were any pieces that would add to my collection or if I could find the same pieces at a cheaper price. And I was very pleasantly surprised. There is a mountain of cheaper jewellery on that website. There are conditions - it's obviously not amazing quality, there's a 4-week delivery estimate and the item may not be exactly as it says on the tin. But lets face it, 99p is hardly a bank-breaker, and I've very rarely been dissatisfied with a purchase.

Check out my post on How Not To Be Scammed On Ebay here.

Another plus - I enjoy the post - who doesn't? I don't know a single person who doesn't get excited when they get post (except bills obviously). And because of the wait time, anything between 2-4 weeks, what you buy is a nice surprise when it does arrive because you don't know the exact date it will arrive. 

And I've bought heaps of stuff. Who wouldn't? At 99p a piece its hard not to. So much in fact, that it is impossible for me to document in one post. 
Therefore, today's post is - EARRINGS
Every seller I mention, I have given a 5-star review.


I had been looking for white roses initially, but when I saw them on ebay, I couldn't resist buying the red and black as well, as they were only 99p. I was so caught up in looking at the colours, I didn't even realise that it was BuyOneGetOneFree, Yay! I bought them from here, but there aren't that many colours left in stock. So I would also suggest here and here for alternative colours and styles.  AND, bonus, they're in the UK so you won't have the 2-week wait!


Left: Coffee Bean Earrings. Part of my professional, going to work/lecture/posh evening out looks. Available from here. Right: My favourite earrings of all time. I only bought the white pair initially, but loved them so much I immediately purchased the black pair as well. Available from here


These earrings are for a more 'dressy' look ie. night out, posh do, dinner, dancing etc.
Left: I think these are better suited to people with ear piercings are the bottom of the earlobe, if you catch my drift. The extension to the pearl isn't long, and they don't dangle properly if you have high ear piercings. But, only 99p so worth a try? Available here.
Right: Lovely, simple and slightly unusual design, taking a twist on traditional flower dangling earrings.  The original seller no longer sells them, but I have found an alternative which is slightly more expensive, but is based in the UK, so delivery will be much more convenient. Available from here

I liked these earrings because they were a look that I hadn't really seen before. I thought they were a really interesting design, and I thought I'd give them a go. And I love them! Definitely something that none of you're friends will have. Just to say - they say they are in yellow gold, but actually more of a rose gold. Available from here

These are my 'Grown Up, Pearl' additions to my collection.
Left: Actually heart shaped, although not that obvious in the picture. Available from here.
Right: Yes, there are two left earrings in this picture. I've contacted the seller today about it. But, they are still lovely earrings, and you have to remember that these companies are run by humans and humans do occasionally make mistakes. Available from here.

I really love both pairs of these earrings and really think they've added to my collection.
Left: Available from here
Right: Available from here

Ok, so these are my almost 'Pat Butcher' earrings. Warning: They are HUGE. Especially on the left. But they're still lovely. As you can see, obviously. 
Left: Available from here
Right: Available from here

Hope you will all treat yourself to a pair for Easter. You deserve it!

Ciao for now, G x


Laura Kingston said...

Love all the earrings you bought, they're so pretty!
Laura xx

GraciiousMe said...

Grace x

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