Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Motivational Mantra of the Month 4 | May 2013

Hello There!

It's that time again - another motivational mantra!
Today's is:

Ok, so this is quite a harsh quote, I get that.. But I think that sometimes being blunt is the best way to chivvy you along to just get on with it. A lot of the quotes I use seem to faff around, sound great and look intelligent. With this one, you get straight to the point:

If you do something stupid, and you feel silly/embarrassed/mortified/I-want-to-die....
Then it's your own fault, and there's a reason that you feel that way. Hopefully you won't do it again. And for those doing exams the best example of how this helps is mock exams - every question that you get wrong in the mock exam (should) make you revise and not make the same mistake again - it's painful for a reason!

Good luck to everyone doing exams at the moment. Hope these quotes help you :)

Ciao for now, G x

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frederick said...

thanks for share. nice

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