Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Body Shop 48 Hour Sale | My Collection | A Little Bit Obsessed

Hello There!

Today I'm sharing the love for the Body Shop. First - they're having a 48hr sale at the moment, so get onto their website!!!

I started going through a Body Shop obsession last year, and I realised the other day just how many of their products I've accumulated...

I love Body Shop skincare products. They always smell incredible and last forever. They're also so so so nourishing, and I always feel good when I buy from their shops because they're completely ethical and you always know there's only good stuff going into their products!

Body Shop Body Butters
If you haven't tried Body Shop body butters, then I don't know where you've been hiding.  They smell amazing and the scent lasts forever - I remember the first time I found out about them, my friend walked in and the whole room filled with coconut, it was so delicious - I had to get me some of that. And that was my first body butter. And somehow my collection's just grown and grown :)

The Body Shop Nutriganics Face and Eye Cream
I'm also a fan of the nutriganics range and enjoy using their day cream and eye cream. They're a really light formula and absorb really easily into the skin. The only flaw I've found is that not quite thick enough for my insanely dry skin, but if I'm having a 'good skin' day, then they're what I reach for.

The Body Shop Lip BalmsThe Body Shop Cherry Soap

The final two things that I'm talking about are their lip balms and their soaps. I always have a Body Shop lip balm in my bag. I'm not a fan of their lip butters because they're really thick and sticky on my lips, but their lip balms are the perfect formula to keep my lips well hydrated. Their soaps are another way to try their great smelling products if you're not after a statement scent - you enjoy it just while you're washing your hands and it doesn't fill the room at the same time - your own little bit of scent excitement :)

If you don't want to spend a lot of money then those two are the best products to look at - at £2 and £3 you really can't go wrong. 

Another thing that I think is a great is their loyalty card. It's not the same as a Boots advantage card where you gain points, more like a Starbucks card. It costs £5 for a year but you automatically get that back in your birthday month. You get a stamp for every purchase you make over £10 and when you reach 4 and 8 stamps you get money off your next trip there. There's also 10% off all orders and usually they have a 20% for card-holders once a year. Just add it to your basket when you're on the website. 
It's definitely worked well for me!

Do you feel the love for the Body Shop?

Ciao for now, G x

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