Thursday, 2 May 2013

Technological Thursday | Get Rid Of ALL Ads & Pop-Ups On Chrome, Firefox, Android, Opera

Hello There!

It's Technological Thursday Again. 70% of the people that view my blog use Google Chrome to view it. As do I. So today my technological tip is about blocking the adverts on browsers (especially chrome).

This was one of my biggest bug-bears. I can't stand adverts popping up left right and centre. And when I got chrome I had to resign myself to living with adverts in order to get a faster browser. So I was stuck

Don't get me wrong, I tried to block them. The tips from Chrome are to turn on the pop-up-blocker. Except it doesn't block any pop-ups. Or, the amount that they do block makes no difference. So for 2 years I was constantly infuriated by the bombardment of adverts every time I click on a link.

And then my saviour came. Hallelujah. I learned about Adblock Plus.
It is an extension that you put on your browser with a click  and of a button, and just forget about because you're now ad free and you don't have to do anything else!

And it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I have been ad-free for 6 months now. And I've never been happier!
Ok, so maybe that's an over-reaction to a Chrome Extension, but if you have been plagued by the same infuriation, then you'll totally understand where I'm coming from.

And actually, this is available for other web browsers as well - Opera, Android & Firefox
Available HERE for all these browsers. 

I hope this post has helped with anyone out there who wants to be ad-free. 
It literally changed my life :)

Happy Technological Thursday

Ciao for now, G x

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SomethingaboutSofia said...

Im on chrome but there are sooo many ads! I have clicked the link the second I saw this post I cant wait for all the ads to be gone! :D Thankyou sooo much!
Sofia x

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