Monday, 8 April 2013

Easiest Way To Clean Make-Up Brushes

Hello there!

Today's post does what it says on the tin (surprise, surprise). 

It tells you:  The Easiest Way To Clean Make-Up Brushes

I've read a lot of posts about cleaning brushes and always end up a little bit overwhelmed by all the different steps, when in fact it is the simplest of processes - just like washing your  hair. In fact, it's pretty much the exact same thing. 
You don't want dirty hair, you don't want dirty brushes. 

So, these are my 3 steps to clean brushes with that 'brand-new' feel.

So without further ado, here we go:

1. Put soap on brushes and rub. My soap of preference is Johnson's baby shampoo. It has no harsh chemicals and so doesn't damage the brushes, and leaves them really soft. Rub in circular motions on your palm to lather the soap (add small amounts of water). 

Johnson's Baby Shampoo

2. Rinse & Repeat. Very simple. After you've rubbed your brush into your palm rinse off with water. REPEAT. This is crucial. You want to get rid of all the product otherwise it's not worth doing. You should be able to tell when you've done enough, because there'll be no product on your palm. 

3. Leave to dry. Preferably overnight. On a towel. Lightly rub them with the towel.  Don't go too crazy with the rubbing - as fun as it is to splay your brushes out on the towel, they'll stick like that and be ruined. Then just leave them on the towel overnight. 

It literally is that simple. You can use alternatives to Johnson's baby shampoo, ie handwash, fairy liquid, etc , but you always run the risk of harsh chemicals ruining the brushes. (although the antibacterial properties may be advantageous). It's up to you, obviously, but that's my recommendation and it's only £1 a bottle, and lets face it, it'll probably be with me for the next 20 years, based on how much I've already used.

I would recommend washing your brushes almost as much as your hair. I mean lets face it, the brushes are actually pretty gross - they sit in a warm environment gathering germs and multiplying and then getting more germs off your face etc. And this multiplies everyday. Until you clean them. 

You don't have to wash them that often if you have a load of brushes, but if (like me) you only have one good set, it's worth the extra washing. You will notice the difference - I find that my foundation applies much more evenly and is less streaky when they're clean. 

You don't have to wash all your brushes every time , because you'll use more than others. The one to watch out for is the foundation brush - this collects the most bacteria - especially with liquid foundation. 

Ok, so just a recap on the 3 steps:

1. Put soap on brushes and rub
2. Rinse & Repeat
3. Leave to dry


How often do you clean your brushes?
Are you going to do it more often now?
Let me know in a comment :)

Ciao for now, G x


Aimee Sanchez said...

I use the same shampoo to wash my brushes and I love it!!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I would love to follow each other :)
Already following you!

Wildheart said...

Hey! Thanks for your nice comment, of course we can follow each other!
I'm following you now, hope you to do the same!


Laura Beeney said...

That's a really good way to clean your brushes, I use antibacterial soap and extra virgin olive oil but to me I wanted to find different ways to clean my brushes. Thankyou for sharing this!

followed you!

Gia said...

That's a useful and simple way of cleaning brushes. I also think it's important to clean brushes often. Next time I will try Johnson's Baby Shampoo as well, if it makes the brushes super-soft!

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