Monday, 29 April 2013

Fat Hair "0" Calorie Amplifying Mousse

Hello There!

Today I'm talking about the mousse from a brand called Fat Hair. So as the name suggests it's a range that makes your hair 'fat', well voluminous. I'd heard great things about the shampoo and conditioner, but I'd already bought new bottles from a different brand and so I thought they'd be a waste of money at the moment. But I still wanted to try the range so I bought the mousse instead. 

I'm not going to lie, the first time I used it I had to wash it out straight away. My hair felt gross. But I assummed that I'd used too much product (a little really does go a long way). And the next few times I used it less product in my hair, it still felt a bit weird -but I could cope with it. 

I eventually realised that the weirdness in my hair was the new volume (duh). I know that sounds really stupid, but I'm used to my thin-but-a-lot-of-it hair. So when it was volumed-up I found it really hard to manage just because I wasn't used to it. 

I was literally about to give up on it and name it 'the product I most regret buying because there is literally nothing good about it', when I had an epiphany. I understood that I had to change my hairstyles to be specific to voluminous hair. Mainly, for me, a high crescent bun..

             And now I love this product! 

It makes this bun so easy to have. I plan my hairstyles so that they work for thicker hair, and if you spend the time getting used to how different your hair works and feels, it's really great to use!

I used to have to spend a half hour trying to get a high bun that is the right shape and stays in place - and whereas I usually had to wait until my hair had gained some grease to make it styleable (freshly cleaned hair is a bugger to get to stay in place), with the Fat Hair Mousse I can do this as soon as I've blow-dried my hair.

 Usually I really have to backcomb my buns to get them not to be limp and pathetic - it also takes a million bobbypins to keep up. But I literally used 4 pins for this bun which is a record for me. It was up all day with me running around and I didn't have to faff with it once, yay!

For me, this product is perfect for the summer days that we're seeing at the moment (touch wood they'll stay). It's great for updos where you want to have more volume up top, and in a hot summer this is a must because I literally die of overheating from my hair on my neck in the sun. 

The only thing I'll say if you go get it, is when it says rub a small amount, it means a SMALL amount.. Think grape size...

Have you got any suggestions for summer hairstyles?
I want to expand my range of looks, I'm kind of stuck with just the bun at the moment..
Let me know in a comment!

Ciao for now, G x

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[DamaVerde] said...

My sister is using this product, and she loves it! xD

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