Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Gucci Premiere Perfume | Evening Scent for Spring

Hello There!

Today I'm talking about Gucci's perfume called Gucci Premiere...

Gucci Premiere Perfume

This was an Autumn purchase for me, and I had so much on that I kind of forgot that I had this perfume. (I know that sounds strange for the price of it, but you know, it happens.)
I bought the 30ml version and this size retails for £45. 
It is also available for purchase in 50ml and 75ml versions.   

Gucci Premiere Perfume

So the reviewing bit:

The Bottle: Undeniably the theme is gold. Gold, gold, gold gold. There couldn't be any more bling on the packaging. But, it's not tacky gold, and personally I love a bit of bling now and then, it looks great on your dressing table. But it's actually a clever design because it is translucently blue (if you get my drift) in certain light so you can see the fluid inside. 
(and you'll know when you're near to re-purchase!)

The Scent: Lets face it, most people don't buy perfume for the bottle design (though sometimes we do...), but lets face it, the smell is pretty important. It's a musky scent described on the Boots website as 'woody and musky'. I'd rather describe it a newcarsmell crossed with orangy/fruity smell crossed with flowery smell. But I guess that's not that great a description. 

This is how Gucci describes it:

"Inspired by timeless hollywood glamour, it is an invitation to embrace one's own red carpet moment.
- a sophisticated woody musky fragrance

- top notes of bergamot and blackberry
-heart notes of orange blossom and musk
- base notes of patchouli and sandalwood"

So I was actually pretty accurate, yay! I can smell!
It's a heavier scent, which is why I wear it as an evening fragrance for dinner-out/party etc. 
It's also a really elegant scent, also making it great for 'posh-dos and that'. 

Gucci Premiere Perfume

The undeniable quality of this perfume is the duration of the scent. Once you put it on, it will smell exactly the same at the end of the evening. It lasts forever. Which is a quality I really appreciate in a perfume because I hate being forced to carry a bottle around in my handbag because a scent doesn't last long enough. So that's another yay from me!

This is a definite new favourite of mine. And it's become a regular on my dressing table. 
(That's quite an achievement)

Have you got a signature scent? Have you been surprised by a scent recently?
Tell me in a comment, I read them all and I'd love to know!

Ciao for now, G x

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