Thursday, 25 April 2013

What Can You Buy On Ebay? Ebay Spree... Part 3: Rings

Hello There!

The sequel becomes a trilogy! This is part three of my series of 'What Can You Buy On Ebay?'
(Part 1 -What Can You Buy on Ebay?)
(Part 2 - What Can You Buy On Ebay? Part 2)

Todays focus is in the title : Rings

If you've read Part 1, you'll see that I bought some rose shaped earrings as part of my 'grown-up' earring collection. But I'm a stickler for co-ordination, so I had to buy accessories to match. And these were what I found.
Available here.

Left: Again, this ring was for co-ordination purposes. A subtle piece that I think will work well with a more sophisticated outfit.
Available here.
Right: An antique-style ring that I really liked the look of. So I bought it. :)
Available here.

These were unique rings that I found on Ebay and just couldn't resist!

Left: This was a quirky little ring that I found on my travels through the interweb. 
Right: I saw someone else with this ring, and had to have one with my own letter on it. I think it's cool, but then I think scrabble is cool. It goes with anything because it's a cream colour and I like it to add a little fun to a serious-looking outfit. 
Available here.

Have you found any good bargains on Ebay recently?
Let me know in a comment, I do love a good bargain :)

Ciao for now, G x


Nadira Permata said...

I buy accessories from Ebay all the time! Especially the korean jewelry, they're cheap and the quality is pretty decent :D

Evie Elliott said...

I have tagged you in the behind the scenes of a blogger tag.
Find out more here:


Anita Wheeler said...

I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Such a lovely blog! If you could follow me back it would be great! Info about the award can be found on my blog

Anita xxx

LongHairDontCare said...

Ebay sell so much good stuff, SO CHEAP! xx

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