Friday, 5 April 2013

What Can You Buy On Ebay? Ebay Spree... Part 2: Bracelets and Necklaces

Hello There!

So today my post is a sequel to my previous post - What Can You Buy on Ebay?
This time I'm focusing on Bracelets and Necklaces. 

I think that a shamballa bracelet is a must-have piece for a jewellery collection. I know they've gained notoriety through The Only Way Is Essex, and so can be given a bad name sometimes. But they look really classy in certain colours and if worn with the right outfits (the black one goes with everything) so definitely worth buying!
Available here in Black and here in White

Left:  This is one of my favourite ever jewellery pieces that I've bought. So much so that I'm buying like 6 more to make them a set of bangles. It bought it in gold - but it's a rose gold colour (bonus!), but in an elegant shade without a coppery-ish look. YAY! And the diamantes  are surprisingly sparkly for the price - usually with lower-price jewellery, the diamantes are dull, but not so with this bangle. Really lovely piece. Available from here.

Right: I bought this camera necklace recently. I have a thing for necklaces that represent something from my life. I was particularly interested in getting a camera necklace because photography has been such a big part of my life. Although i received an impeccable service from this seller, I couldn't help being slightly disappointed with this product, not because of low quality or anything, just that the pendant is WAY smaller than I'd anticipated. However, I've grown to love it, and have figured how to work it with my wardrobe - so it's still a win. Available from here (though this is in gold). 

Left:  Staying with my theme of purchasing necklaces that represent my life, I happen to wear glasses similar to the pendant on this necklace. Available from here.
Right: I love this necklace. I like having signature gold pieces in my collection because they match so well with my wardrobe. Available from here.

Left:  When I got this bracelet in the post. I bought it in silver, and I was so impressed by how much more expensive it looks in real life. I can't wait to wear it Available from here.
Right: I love this rose gold bracelet. It's become a daily piece of jewellery for me. Available from here.

So while I was updating my jewellery collection, I realised that my old watches weren't quite up to scratch of the new collection. So I decided to see if there was a watch available online. And once again, ebay didn't disappoint. I tried to buy a fairly generic-y watch so that it would work with loads of outfits. The only downside to this piece is that it is 2 links too big on my wrist. I do have fairly small wrists, but at least it's more than less, and it's pretty easy to alter. So it's a thumbs-up from me. Available from here.

I hope this post has awakened you to more of the possibilities of ebay (it sells everything!)
Remember to read this post here, if you're new to ebay. 

Have you bought any jewellery on ebay?
(Please tell me in a comment)

Ciao for now, G x


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Yes you are right !!! the gold jewellery bracelet that is considered the counterpart of Gold Bangles is sold as a single piece and is very popular with the male section too.

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