Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Favourites | Sleek | Bourjois | Clinique | Tresseme

Hello There!
Yay, a second month of favourites. This is my favourite type of post because I really love the products that I'm talking about! 

Sleek Face Contour Kit | Light:

Sleek Face Contour Kit | Light

I've really been enjoying this kit in April. My previous contouring powder was too dark, so I found this to try instead. It's a really light powder to use, which you build up, so it's really great for extremely pale people such as myself :)
Full review here.

Argan Oils:

I've really been enjoying products containing argan oil (I may have gone slightly overboard with them), but I've been trying to find the most effective product. I really like them for straight after I've styled my hair to help reduce frizz and emphasise layers :)  
Reviews to come soon!

Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal:

Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal
Another product that it's no secret that I've been loving this month is this kajal eyeliner by Bourjois. It's a really great product for me because I love to have an eyeliner that blends into eyeshadow. I don't like plain black lines (except occasionally with liquid eyeliner), and this kajal eyeliner looks as though I've used powder but without messing up my foundation.
Full review here.

Primarni Sunglasses:

Primark Sunglasses

Ok, I couldn't do a favourites post without saying how much I've been loving my sunglasses. I buy a pair of primark sunglasses every summer and this year has been no different - very happy girl with her sunnies :) 

What have been your favourites this month?
Let me know in a comment, I love trying new products!

Ciao for now, G x


Nadira Permata said...

I've been wanting to try the sleek face contour kit, looks perfect!

Anonymous said...

Argan oil is the best :)Great favorites!!

Robyn The Chic Image xox

nokhuthula nyoni said...

Love those shades x

New Beauty post on my Blog - http://crystalcosmicchic.blogspot.co.uk/

Rena Blank said...

the bourjois eyeliner sound amazing for smokey eyes! just followed you on bloglovin' can't wait to see more! xx Rena
Kiss and Make Up

Krystal-Marie said...

Hey lovely.
You commented on my blog and asked if I would be interested in doing a button swap, and I would actually love to, just let me know once my button is up on your blog and I'll place yours on mine as well.

- Krystal

Anonymous said...

Really want to try the sleek contour kit! Lovely post :)

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