Thursday, 18 April 2013

Technological Thursday | Mobile Phone / Gadget Handbag Essential

Hello There!

So today I hope to solve the ever-present problem of batteries dying - phones/ipods/tablets, the same problem is present in all technological gadgets. And if there's one thing that I excel above all others is - it's forgetting to charge my gadgets. 

Android Portable Mobile Charger

This was the greatest invention ever made - seriously. I would be nowhere without it. 

So basically, you use the same charger as you would normally to charge your phone/tablet and attach it to the portable charger. When the light goes blue over FULL, chuck it in your handbag. It holds a full battery for my phone and so I never need to be without charge. 

It's especially good if you're going on a long journey and need that extra boost to make your charge last all day.

The beauty of android is that they use the same charging port on all their devices. So I can use this on my phone and my Google Nexus tablet. In fact, any android device that takes my fancy :)

Available from,   

And, if you don't have any Android devices there are also alternatives that do exactly the same thing for:

Blackberry, depending on device (Available from
Apple, all devices (Available from,

And they're amazing value - just £4-7, absolute bargains!

Are you part of the 'I-never-have-any-charge' elite? 
I definitely should have the record for never having charge!!!

Ciao for now, G x


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Joanna Daniels said...

Ow! This is a universal charger, am I right? You're absolutely right! This is one of the greatest inventions there is! With all of the gadgets that I have, bringing all those chargers would kill me! This gadget is so amazing!

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